Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poor Brooklyn

So Brad was bad for the second day in a row in daycare. I don't know what's wrong with him. He's totally fine when he gets home. He's usually so good at Brandy's. It's so frustrating. I want to know that he's having fun at daycare. I don't want to think about him crying all the time. Especially over the summer when he's going to be there all day long while I'm working. Hopefully it's just a attachment phase that he gets over soon. Then we took Brookie to the chiropractor today and he feels like she only needs to be seen once a week now, so that's good news. I still think that developmentally she's really far behind developmentally. She can't sit up by herself at all in her bumbo or on my lap. But the chiropractor thinks she's doing fine. I don't know. We take her to the doctor on May 2nd, so I'm going to ask the doctor about it when I go. Poor thing. This stupid torticollis has been such a pain for the last 4 months. I wish one day she would wake up and it would just be totally gone. I saw a baby the other day that had a totally normal shaped head and she looked to be just about Brooklyn's age. It made me feel so bad that she can't be where every other little girl her age is. She should be pretty close to sitting up about now, but she's still acting physically like she's only 3 months old. Here's hoping she ends up being normal when she's a little older. Maybe she'll catch up and surprise us all!

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