Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stupid Cars!

So Jon's car wouldn't start this morning. I'm really stressed about this. This is absolutely the worst time for car problems. I want to take it to a mechanic, but I don't really have the money to do that. I don't know. This is a short vent post. I just hate cars. They are so expensive to buy, and they are so expensive to fix and everyone needs one! It's like, what are you supposed to do? I think that cars need to be a lot cheaper to fix. It would make everyone's life so much easier! Stupid cars!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the light at the end of the tunnel

Ok, so it's been a few days. I usually post while I'm sitting in my boring Political Science class, not listening to anything the teacher is saying, but I didn't go to class on Thursday, so I didn't post! Latest news, my mom was in town over the weekend, and what a crazy thing that always is for me. I love her to death, but she is like a little squirrel, going, going, going and not ever stopping for anything. I couldn't sit down for two seconds and just relax. We cleaned the carpet, took the kids downtown, went to the mall, went to lunch, and when Brad took a nap, I finally thought that we would be able to sit down and watch Dr. Phil or something, but nope! She went to the store, got the oil changed in the car. It's just so funny that someone can have that much energy. She literally has the energy of a two year old, which did make it nice when Brad was awake. They played and played, and he just thought she was the greatest person there ever was. So it was good. But that's over and back to regular life. Today was my last day of Anthropology and will probably be the last day of Political Science. I may go to work on Thursday, I haven't decided yet. And tomorrow I have to give a presentation in Mass Communications and that will be the last day of that class. It's getting close to the end!! So exciting! It's kind of sad though. I didn't get at all attached to any of my teachers this semester. Last semester I was almost sad to leave a couple of my classes because I just loved the teacher so much. But all of my teachers this year just weren't very fun. Maybe anthropology...he loved the subject, and has done field work in Burma, so he had a lot of good personal experience to talk about.

Brooklyn isn't sick anymore!!! That's the best news of the week. She's 100% back to herself. I love it! It's so hard to not get any sleep, wonder if she's ok at daycare, scared that she's not eating enough. So she's back to normal. Life is great when your kids are happy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poor Brooklyn

So Brad was bad for the second day in a row in daycare. I don't know what's wrong with him. He's totally fine when he gets home. He's usually so good at Brandy's. It's so frustrating. I want to know that he's having fun at daycare. I don't want to think about him crying all the time. Especially over the summer when he's going to be there all day long while I'm working. Hopefully it's just a attachment phase that he gets over soon. Then we took Brookie to the chiropractor today and he feels like she only needs to be seen once a week now, so that's good news. I still think that developmentally she's really far behind developmentally. She can't sit up by herself at all in her bumbo or on my lap. But the chiropractor thinks she's doing fine. I don't know. We take her to the doctor on May 2nd, so I'm going to ask the doctor about it when I go. Poor thing. This stupid torticollis has been such a pain for the last 4 months. I wish one day she would wake up and it would just be totally gone. I saw a baby the other day that had a totally normal shaped head and she looked to be just about Brooklyn's age. It made me feel so bad that she can't be where every other little girl her age is. She should be pretty close to sitting up about now, but she's still acting physically like she's only 3 months old. Here's hoping she ends up being normal when she's a little older. Maybe she'll catch up and surprise us all!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stupid Idaho

The last few days have been crazy! The kids got sick a week ago and Brooklyn still isn't totally better. She's been waking herself up coughing since last Tuesday night so I pretty much have gotten no sleep in the last 6 days. Then I had to wake up at 5:45 yesterday morning and go to work! Geez, having two kids is hard when you step back and think about everything you have to do on a day to day basis. I can't imagine if I would have had my kids closer together. Every day is a struggle. I finally got a little bit more sleep last night, so I'm hoping that this stupid cold is finally passing. Why is it still winter at the end of April?!?!?! It should be nice enough weather for Brad to play outside every day and we should definitely not be getting sick anymore. This is totally ridiculous. Usually I'm all for the winter thing. I look forward to wearing my big coat and my scarf and bundling up at night, but it's gotten to the point now where if it's not close to 50 degrees, I'm PISSED. why can't we just get into summer already. Stupid Idaho!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is my first blog

I didn't even understand what a blog was until about a week ago. And I work in web support! What is wrong with me. This week has been a busy week. Brad and Brooke both have horrible coughs and for the first time since Brooklyn was born, they were both up a lot of the night last night. It's usually one or the other. Not both! I have been dead tired all day. Once again, I've forgotten what it feels like to sleep through the night. That was the main thing that I DID NOT want to give up when I had her. I loved going to bed at 10 or 11 and waking up at 8. Now I'm up at least twice before 8. I still have 3 more months to let her make her own choice to sleep through the night, but at 9 months, we are doing the cry it out method if she's not sleeping for at least 8 hours a night. Then there's Toby, our 10 week old dog who will not stop pooping in the house! I let him out and he doesn't go, then I let him back in and 2 seconds later he's pooping on the floor. What do you do?! It's not like I can put diapers on him. But he is just as hard to take care of as a baby! Jon (husband) is no help and I'm seriously considering getting rid of him at this point. Getting a dog that already has the potty training thing down. I don't want to be potty training two babies! Hopefully my kids will sleep better tonight.